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Core Values

Here at Milestonez we aim to support everyone to reach their goals. The support we provide is based on our core values and these underpin the way that we work every day. Take a look below…

You Can Do It

We recognise that independence is a major part of everyday life and we all have to do things for ourselves at some point, whether that is choosing our own clothes, managing our own money or even moving on from home. We all need and have independence in our life. At Milestonez we look at your potential and help you to become as independent as you can be in the areas you identify. This could be planning a weekend away with friends and helping you to budget for this, or even gaining confidence in social situations. We look at the areas in which you’d like support to become more independent in and help you to reach your goal. Our service is supportive not prescriptive.

Treating You As You

Okay, so the proper term would be individuality, but that just sounds boring doesn’t it? Like any other word that’s just been put there because it looks good. But at Milestonez, it’s true. We recognise that no-one is the same. We don’t all wear the same clothes or have our cup of coffee (or tea!) in the same way, or listen to the same radio station in a morning. The encouragement we give to you is totally based on what you would like us to help you with. Our support is based around your needs and you can help us shape that everyday. We want you to come to Milestonez because its what you want to do, not just because its something to fill the time

Get Up And Go

We believe that providing a service that is bright, motivational and fun is the key to successful support. If our staff are are excited and enthusiastic about the support they are providing then this helps us to make sure that we are being pro-active and empowering you to reach your hopes and dreams. In our eyes there’s nothing worse that seeing staff who look like they don’t want to be there, but that won’t happen here at Milestonez because we’re passionate about supporting you.

Thinking Outside The Box

We understand that life can have barriers and things that can hinder our development to becoming an independent person, whether that is our past experiences, fear of the unknown, our own personal difficulties, etc. At Milestonez we strive to break down those barriers so that everyone is supported to reach their goals, and if a barrier occurs then we will encourage you to break it, go around it, over it, under it, or any way that we can so that you can carry on your route to success. If you think outside the box you never know what you might find!