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Motivation, Empowerment & Independence -
Our Key to Your Success!

First impressions make all the difference!

Hi, we’re Milestonez! We’re a new and innovative service for young adults with mild to moderate learning disabilities aged 19-25 years, based in Cannock,  Staffordshire. We provide an approach to care and support that is fresh and fun, focusing on you at the centre of the support. To find out how Milestonez can make a difference for you, please contact us today!

Core Values

You Can Do It
Treating You As You
Get Up And Go
Thinking Outside The Box

Putting you at the heart of us

We all know that care and support is essential to some people, but that doesn’t mean it has be dull, boring and stuck in a building. We aim to ensure that our support is focused on you and that the service we provide is shaped and developed by you. We want to know that what we’re doing is what you want to do. Helping you to achieve your goals is top on our list of priorities and if we can do that by encouraging you to be more independent and being an active part of our local community, then we must be on to a winner!

Your Pathway to Success!

Welcome to Milestonez! Hi, nice to meet you. We'll help you settle in and join the team
Road to success After you've settled in we'll look at what your goals are and help you on the road to achieving those goals. Don't forget to note the milestones along the way
Finish line So, you've achieved your goals, whats next?
Which way next? We'll hold a review to see if there's anything else we can help you with, or we can support you to take the next step of your journey